Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Voice 5: Blind Auditions Part 4

How will I ever be emotionally attached with any of them, when there's just way too much contestants to think about? I mean, yes, the talent this season are mostly good, but I don't remember the contestants from the first three episodes because there are just too many of them.

But again, that's beside the point, I guess. As I've said, I shouldn't complain when these contestants are mostly good - I'd rather have that than something like X Factor US, with a few standouts and nothing else. I digress.

How did the contestants do?

Will Champlin
Not Over You
I actually liked his sweet tone and there's a quality to his voice that's pretty appealing. Not going to say that he's the best - because he obviously isn't - but I actually quite enjoyed that. 7

Stephanie Anne Johnson
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
There's energy and her pitch was mostly on point, but there's something about her that's quite generic. Add to the fact that her phrasing during the verses weren't my favorite. 6

Sam Cerniglia
It's A Beautiful Day
Eh. Not sure if it was the song choice, but this was pretty bland. His voice was mediocre at best and his vocals were uneven. It also sounded a bit strained when he tried to hit those high notes. 4.5

James Irwin
Losing My Religion
I kind of liked this. How he tweaked the arrangement of the song into something more moody was a pleasant surprise and his tone is quite nice, which complemented also his delivery and connection to the song.  7.5

Olivia Henken
Two Black Cadillacs
While this sounded awfully karaoke, there's no denying that Olivia can actually sing - in fact, her version a slightly flawless compared to Carrie Underwood's live version of the song. She came of a little bland though and that's going to be her problem. But as it is, this was pretty good. 7

R. Anthony
Hall Of Fame

Despite being tepid during his performance, I really found his tone very warm and lovely. His pitch were mostly spot on and his song choice was something I didn't necessarily expect from him. I think he has a decent voice, but I'm not sure if he'll stand out. 7

Justin Chain
She's Country
Generic! Next! 5.5

Ashley Dubose
Very nice. This girl reminds me of an interesting version of Syesha Mercado. She has a radio ready voice with a confidence that's not off putting. I also liked that she took some liberties to the melody, which made her performance a lot more dynamic than her actual song choice. Oh, and she looks very marketable. 8


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