Monday, October 21, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 4

One more week before the Finale and it's pretty obvious who will be the Final 3 this season - although, I disagree. But it's futile at this point. I just hope the voting public will be wise enough to vote the best acts and not just on pure "cuteness". Gawd.

Here we go!

08. Jai Waetford
I Won't Give Up
Maybe you should! Haha. This performance was such a mess. 2

07. Jai Waetford
Again, why are you still doing in this competition Jai? 4

06. Taylor Henderson
Against All Odds
No doubt, this was Taylor's absolute worst. He didn't have the range to pull this one off and his random growls sounded misplaced for the most part. He looked like he was struggling the entire performance. 5

05. Third D3gree
Give Me Everything
Decent effort, but nothing spectacular to write about. It's fun and that's about it. 6.5

04. Dami Im
Wrecking Ball
On paper, the song choice alone was brilliant and should've worked, but part of me felt like this was just a good karaoke version of the song. Yes, she did try to mix the melody up with her ad libs, but it was a tad underwhelming. Had she made the arrangement more stripped down, then this would've been terrific. 7

03. Dami Im
Saving All My Love For You
A total snore and the arrangement was too dated. Good thing, her vocals were top notch, which made this slightly better than her Miley Cyrus cover. 7

02. Third D3gree
Pound The Alarm
I don't know with you, but Third D3gree - and maybe Taylor Henderson - are the only acts I could see that have the potential to be huge. Their version of this song was compelling with some great staging and little choreography here and there. Plus, Jacinta's voice sounded awesome and she has way more vocal control than any of the remaining finalists. Just saying. 8

01. Taylor Henderson
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
The acoustic verse was fantastic, and while the transition to the almost country arrangement was a bit jarring, Taylor sold this version of the song. It was actually quite refreshing and his vocals were on point. I loved the hitch in his voice that made it sound more authentic. Pretty riveting. 8


Robx said...

I like Jai's audition... but it all went downhill from there.

I want Taylor Henderson to win!!!!!!

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