Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol 9: Adam Lambert, Brooke White, and Justin Gaston to Perform On Top 9 Redux Results Show

UPDATE: After the jump, a video of Justin Gaston and Alex Lambert singing Let It Be.

So, we all know that Adam Lambert will not only mentor the remaining Idols this week but he'll also be returning Results night to perform his single, Whataya Want From Me. Brooke White and Justin Gaston are also confirmed to duet on the Elvis Presley's If I Can Dream, which Elliott Yamin sang brilliantly on the show during Season 5 Top 4.

In case you're not aware, Justin Gaston is part of Simon Fuller's web series If I Can Dream, which includes Alex Lambert. He's also the former boy toy of Miley Cyrus and years ago a Nashville Star contestant, which Billy Ray Cyrus hosted.

Now, I love me some Brooke White but why put her with someone relatively unknown and has a limited singing ability? Is this just to promote Simon Fuller's online show?

It is also weird how only Season 7 alumni, except for Ruben, are coming back - not that I'm complaining. It’s even weirder how these Idols are singing songs in the theme instead of songs of their own that are available for purchase everywhere.

People, including me, complain about the current contestants singing songs performed by a former contestant but why bring back a former contestant to sing a song that was performed by a different former contestant. It just doesn't make sense.

I really think this whole bring back Season 7 finalists and have them sing the current theme is a horrible idea. I truly don’t get it. I mean, this doesn’t even help sell their original music. They are artists in their own rights now and they shouldn’t be made to do covers. Why not ask them to perform an album track that fits the theme?

And because the Season 7 alumni are obviously better than the current crop of finalist this year, the performances end up devaluing Season 9 and only helping former Idol contestants a little by reminding the public about them. But still..

And as for Justin Gaston? He, to me, has a very generic tone. Nothing special. I'm not even sure if his voice will blend well with Brooke’s.

ETA: Justin Gaston and Alex Lambert sings Let It Be. Well, Justn sounded alright until Alex started singing. Now I’m all bummed out again about that kid getting voted off. I really do not think that American Idol has had a more unique voice than his. Maybe Fantasia, but really that's about it. Please, someone sign that kid!


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