Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol: Top 7 - Who's Going Home?

For a week that's supposed to be inspiring, the remaining Idol hopefuls instead left me confused and bored. Seriously. Inspirational night? Not so much.

To be honest, it's going to be a tough week. Sure, a couple of people deserve the boot, but I'm not so sure which one will it be.

I mean, isn’t it a tradition that whoever is the first member of the Top 12’s Bottom 3 to be sent back to safety has typically been eliminated on Top 10 night but if they survived that elimination will then get the boot on the Top 7 night? Julia DeMato (Season 2), Amy Adams (Season 3), Jessica Sierra (Season 4), and Lisa Tucker (Season 5) were all eliminated on Top 10 week after they were sent first to safety during the Top 12 night. Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6) and Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7) survived Top 10 week but were both eliminated on Top 7 week of their respective seasons.

So, will Tim Urban - the first one to be sent back to safety during the Top 12 results night this season - have the same fate as Sanjaya and Kristy Lee or will he survive another week? Personally, I don't think Tim will go. He's like that weird relative that comes for a weekend and never leaves. Sure, he took a step backward this week, but I somehow liked his song choice.

Aaron Kelly was clearly out of his depth for most of his performances since the Finals. That said, I think he still has the tween vote along with Tim Urban so it can buy him another more week, which makes Casey James and even Michael Lynche very vulnerable for the boot.

Casey, I think, picked a boring overdone song and didn't even try. Say what you want about Lee, Siobhan or even Tim's singing, at least, they went for it. This guy, however, has been cruising on bar band performances for far too long. Heck, I don't even see him getting better.

As for Michael Lynche, I don't really like him. So whatever.

I wouldn't be surprised though if Siobhan ends up in the Bottom 3 after a not-so-good reviews from the judges. That said, I really don't see her getting eliminated this week.

Ultimately, I'm pretty sure a guy will leave this week just because of split voting among too many of them. Tim, Aaron and Casey will complete the Bottom 3 with Casey getting the boot.


Anonymous said...

Casey's not going.


damthenation said...

Haha. That's just a random guess. Although I'm really hoping it's Big Mike or Aaron. Although I can honestly say I won't feel the slightest bit of outrage if Casey is ousted before Tim or Aaron. Haha.

gerard said...

feeling ko si mike. wala lang. nakakasawa na siya.

damthenation said...

Too bad. It's not Mike and not Casey as well. Although I predicted the correct Bottom 3. Not the right person to leave though. Hahaha.

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