Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol: Who Sang It Better - The Beatles Face-Off!

Since they reprise the theme from Season 7 this week. I've decided to have a Beatles Face-Off! This will be interesting.

Featured Artist: The Beatles!

In the strongest possible terms, the American Idol judges’ panel has insisted that “song choice, song choice, song choice” is the most critical decision a contestant can make. And week after week, most Idol hopefuls seem to get it completely wrong, and it could be due to the fact that they keep picking the same old overplayed songs.

Now, after numbing our ears year after year with the same predictable tunes, I think it's time to embrace that sad fact and just decide, which had the best version of the songs.

Videos and Poll after the jump!!

Brooke White (Season 7)

Katie Stevens (Season 9)

Carly Smithson (Season 7)

Kris Allen (Season 8)

Crystal Bowersox (Season 9)

David Archuleta (Season 7)

Aaron Kelly (Season 9)

Michael Johns (Season 7)

Siobhan Magnus (Season 9)

David Cook (Season 7)

Michael Lynche (Season 9)


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