Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol 9: Tim Urban Visits The Late Show with David Letterman

Tim Urban dropped by the show of David Letterman and sing Can't Help Falling In Love. As he did with the judges, Tim more than held his own with Letterman.

I really think he has a lot of charm and potential. His personality is engaging, spontaneous, genuine, fun, warm and sweet and hell yes, arguably, he can sing. I would so much rather see him perform than sit and be bored watching a Casey show or a Big Mike Watch-Me-Make-Pounding-Motions-And-Think-I’m-Cool Show. I hope he will find a success that he can use all the wonderful qualities he has. Some of the best selling songs are loved for the song and the singer, and not necessarily for how difficult it is to sing well or feature the vocal technique, I am hopeful. We’ll see what happens after the tour, won’t we?

Video after the jump!!


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