Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 7

..and another step backwards in this season.

Seriously. The remaining 7 contestants were good enough to sidestep the "invitation to a trainwreck" inspirational songs week, so an initial tip of the hat to them all. But I won't go overboard and say any of them blew me away because none of them did, well maybe Crystal. But still..

Honestly, this season needs to be over already. It's been bad for the most part. I wish I could stop watching but I couldn't. Haha. Somehow, I'm still waiting for that one performance that will SAVE this season for being the worst. Season 6 is going to like this.. Haha.

Anyway, I almost hate to rank these performances this week because there's such a large drop-off after my Top 2 performances. But I have no choice, I guess.

So here we go!

07. Casey James
Don't Stop
I’m going to put as much energy and effort into Casey’s writeup as he’s put into his last few performances. Aaaand.. DONE! Haha. Ok. Maybe not! Well, didn't I just see him perform this last week? Oh, nevermind. Same performance, different song. Sure, it was somehow good-ish but there was nothing special in that performance. Very typical and his vibrato really bothered me on that song for some reason. Casey is becoming that classic "one note" performer. He just stood there and smiled through the whole song - which I don’t think what Alicia Keys meant by showing personality - and he didn’t really change the song up to make it his own. To me, he would be NOTHING without his guitar. Heck, I don’t even think he’s any better than David Cook, Kris Allen or Chris Daughtry.

06. Aaron Kelly
I Believe I Can Fly
Feet planted. Hips moving side to side. Hand raised. He does that every single week! Haha. I really haven't been a fan of Aaron, but I kind of liked him this week. I thought his vocals were decent  although it did not soar, and I did not see him running through that open door. Haha. I still would've given him another song though. Really. Why does he pick the corniest songs? Ohh. Maybe because he is the corniest contestant and corny is his natural habitat. Haha. But seriously, the problem I have with him now is that he's appearing more as a karaoke singer than a real artist. Go Figure!

05. Tim Urban
Better Days
Oh no! You went out of that 5 note comfort zone that's been working for you Tim! Why?! For some reason, I was actually disappointed by Tim tonight. I know, right? How is that possible? Well, I’m secretly becoming a fan Tim Urban but tonight the vocals were more than a little uneven. I mean, he doesn't have the vocal ability to go belting out songs like this. On paper, it would've worked but a few bad phrases and the lack of range ruined the performance for me. Yes, it was good in some spots but it wasn't that great overall. It was passable at best. To be honest, Better Days was an inspired song choice... if Tim were a better singer. I thought he connected with the song more tonight than any other week though.

04. Michael Lynche
Dang! Mike and Lee should've switched songs. I mean, that would have been so much better. Ok. While Big Mike's vocals, I thought, were spotless, I didn't think the performance went anywhere. Really. Where's the epicness of that song? Sure, it was soulful. But powerful? I don't think so. His voice sounded too thin for the song. Personally, Michael would be fine, were it not for David Cook. His rendition of Hero paled in comparison to the David and David Finale duet. And that would be true with an objective comparison, which this one clearly is not. Haha.

03. Siobhan Magnus
When You Believe
Ok. This is bullsh*t. Why did the judges completely ignored the fact that it was a faultless vocal? Talk about the god damn vocals, you biased sack of crap! I honestly don't know anymore. I feel bad for Siobhan because Simon and company never critic her vocals. It’s true, she’s not commercially viable and she did sound very theater geek tonight, but she pulled off a very difficult song. The soprano at the end was amazing and it was a nice controlled vocal. Look, I don’t think this was anywhere close to being the best of the night, but it’s a shame when a singer goes on stage, sings a perfect technical performance, and then gets absolutely no credit for such an incredible task. Geez.

02. Lee Dewyze
The Boxer
Lee always looks like he's being forced to participate on the show!! Haha. Too funny. Oh Lee, you're back to your old off-pitch self. Frankly, this performance had the same problems I had with Hey Jude - beautiful phrasing, lots of passion and emotion but it lacked technical greatness and the arrangement left me confused since the song failed to build up to a huge climax which really hampered the emotional effect. Good thing, the verse gave him a chance to show a facet of his voice that was more tender than usually, while the chorus was well-suited to his rocker's rasp. Lee is an enigma to me. I like him, but he is an enigma. Ha.

01. Crystal Bowersox
People Get Ready
Now, minus her mic stand that looked suspiciously like some kind of a smoking device, that performance was truly moving! She was without an instrument for the first time and she went a cappella to the very end of the first verse. It sure stretched her boundaries just a little - more in terms of presentation than musically - and it worked perfectly fine. Her vocals weren't flawless but it was still really solid and there was some definite emotional connection present in the performance. Soulful. Powerful. Gorgeous.


Joyceee said...

dear dam, to be honest, am becoming a fan of tim too... what with his performance last week. those king of songs are perfect form him, no big songs for his small voice. haha

of course, crystal is great. nuf said.

i still haven't watched to episode, i was kinda waiting for you to respond to my FB comment. hahaha :)

Hope big mike is... OUT this week!

damthenation said...

haha. that's the funny thing. we're all aware that he isn't the best singer out there but somehow we root for that crazy kid. haha.

my predictions will be up later. :)

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