Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music: Sweet Rain - Didi Benami

Excuse me while I die again! I miss her already! Here's a pre-Idol song from Didi Benami called Sweet Rain. The song is produced by Rocco Guarino who co-wrote it with Didi, and also did some stuff for Season 7 Idol finalist, Amanda Overmyer.

Ok. Didi really has a very commercial sound. The track screams Colbie Callait, which is a good thing. If only Didi had done more stuff like this in the live shows, she wouldn’t have gotten the boot early in the competition. I mean, she does two things that I like. One is that she finishes a note as most singers cut off the note at the end of a line or phrase, but Didi holds it. Secondly, she know what words to emphasize and give a special ring to it - don’t know how else to say it. Well, you could really hear it when she sang Terrified. Sigh. I really like Didi and hope the best for her career.



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