Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 6 Results Show

Siobhan Magnus. Shocking. Siobhan was never in the bottom three so what happened to cause her to be eliminated this early in the competition? Well, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone when you sit down and think about it. Siobhan had no idea who she was as an artist. At first, I thought she had a handle on it when I saw Wicked Game, House of the Rising Sun, and Paint It Black. I assumed she was going to be this dark pop/rock princess but then everything just got weird. She strayed from her uniqueness and it endangered her. Now, I know she doesn’t care about being defined but, as an Idol contestant, her lack of definition really destroyed her over the past few weeks. As a technical vocalist she was stunning - even when she wasn’t given her proper dues.. and judges, that’s on you! - but as an artist she was confusing and kept appearing out of place and not ready for the big show. Still, I enjoyed her and it was too early for her to leave. Alas, alas, alas..

This was not a week where my confidence in the American Idol voters was vindicated. The bottom two were, as ranked by me, two of the top three. The fact that we had to watch one of Siobhan and Casey leave after turning in strong performances was an incredulous turn of events. Still, I suppose every season must have its shocker, right? That’s the problem with having such a great performance show the night before; you don’t want anyone to leave - well except for Big Mike.

Anyway, here are some observations and comments about this week's results show: 

  • 33 million votes registered last night, according to Ryan Seacrest. 
  • Ryan introduces the judges. We get right to the music. 
  • Rascall Flatts sing Unstoppable - not a fan of the Flatts. Oh, no I’m not. Nasal is NOT a form of singing.
  • Ford Music Video: Believe - Vampire theme. Oh, did everyone see how incredibly pumped Siobhan was? Haha.
  • Aaron Kelly is the least intimidating vampire ever. No, ever.
  • Here’s why I could never be on this show.. I would have to make fun of these little shameless promotional moments. Geez. I like Shrek but not part of American Idol. 
  • Next week Harry Connick Jr will mentor the Top 5 for a Frank Sinatra week! Boring. 
  • Carrie Underwood makes a surprise appearance to introduce Sons of Sylvia. I like the song but the lead singer scares me. He looks like a walking mosquito. Haha. Sorry. 
  • Lady Antebellum is pure love. Enough said.
  • Wait, so, Shakira is still a thing? Like, people still listen to her?  
  • Man, this results show is taking FOREVER! 
  • I loved watching Michael Lynche’s wife celebrate. Haha.
  • Wow. So what happens now to the rumored Lee-Siobhan thing? 
  • Think was awesome, but who else wanted to see Siobhan scream that note right into Simon’s face? I do. 
A few more rants. Haha.


I don’t believe this! We are left with Crystal and those four boring dudes. This season just became even more uninteresting. Why are people voting for Mike and Aaron? I don’t get it. First it was Alex Lambert and Katelyn Epperly. Then Didi Benami went home. Now, Siobhan!!

And, I HATE THE SAVE. Hate it.  Big Mike should have headed out when he had the lowest number of votes 3 weeks ago.  Messing with America’s decision is a terrible idea. I think Big Mike’s save threw off the rest of the season.

Oh, and what a GREAT Top 5 we have!!!!!! Exciting? NOT!

Siobhan Magnus
Casey James safe
Michael Lynche safe
WTF! This is so messed up!
Siobhan Magnus
Lee Dewyze safe

Michael Lynche
Casey James

Aaron Kelly safe
Crystal Bowersox safe


Joyceee said...

wow. now THAT'S a rant! haha yeah, if they haven't saved Big Mike, they can still save siobhan right now.

Wait, there's a Lee-Siobhan going on? haha i dint know that! :P

Always a pleasure reading your blog, DAM!

damthenation said...

haha. sorry. i can't help but rant! this season is an EPIC FAIL!! i had high hopes with the likes of Lambert, Epperly, Bowersox, Dewyze, Benami and Magnus. now, that would've been a strong Top 6. what could've been.. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Now that Siobhan is gone, I really don't care who wins..zzzzz

damthenation said...

Me too. Although it would really annoy me if Big Mike or Aaron won this year. Anyone but them. Haha.

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