Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idol News: American Idol Front-Runner, Crystal Bowersox, Almost Quit

Wow. This news is very very interesting!!

According to TMZ, Crystal Bowersox threw in the towel a little more than two weeks ago and was walking off the show, when Ryan Seacrest did some fast-talking and changed her mind.

Crystal had to be calmed down in the CBS studios parking lot by Ryan Seacrest. She wanted to go back to Ohio to be with her family, whom she missed terribly.

Eonline also confirmed the TMZ report with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan, however, produces E!’s daily E! News program. So, could producers have planted this story to drum up some controversy for a moribund season?

Some suggests the story was planted to prop up Ryan Seascrest on the heels of his weird behavior on Tuesday night’s Idol.

Now, Crystal Bowersox just tweeted what looks like a response to this morning’s report from TMZ that she almost quit the show:
"We all have moments of doubt. As much as I miss my kid, the big picture is this: im doing this for him and my fans. I'm having the time of my life!"
Hmmm.. The story has a planted feel to me. Its two weeks old, according to the TMZ article! Well, Ryan is still, forever and always a weirdo, no matter who he talks into what. Haha.


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