Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 9 Results Show

Michael Lynche. I'll save this write up for next week, I guess. Haha.

So, the judges save has been used! That’s right! The save was used on Michael Lynche. Seriously. To be fair, I’m not sure the judges had much of a choice. I mean, have you seen this guy? Michael would have politely walked down to the judges table to rip off one of Randy’s comically over-sized wrist watches in order to shove it down Simon’s throat. Haha. Kidding aside, I think Big Mike getting the lowest vote this week wasn't really that shocking. I don't know. I somehow expected him to go early in the competition. Too bad, the judges intervened. So, yes, next week two contestants will be leaving American Idol.

So, here are some observations and comments about this week's odd results show:
  • Did the Idol’s die? Why is the beginning of the show filled with soft music and bright white lights? Where’s the epic fight music? Odd.
  • Idol Gives Back is quickly approaching! Cool. Hey, Idol! You want me to give back? How about you give me back Alex Lambert? That's a good trade off.
  • I don't like the Ford music video this week.
  • Yay the pointy pose is back! Beatles Medley. Worst lip-syncing. FAIL.
  • So, it's more than official! Adam Lambert will mentor the Idols next week and Katie Stevens couldn't hide her excitement. NOT! Her reactionis priceless and hilarious! Haha. 
  • Pop quiz! Who sings their own name? Jason Derulo! Haha. How on earth does he get away with that? If I walked around singing my own name before every performance people would laugh at me! Haha.
  • Jason Derulo is a cheap Chris Brown knock off or a black Matt Giraud. Haha. No wonder Kara loves him, he riffs like there's no tomorrow.
  • Oh look! It's David Archuleta! Season 7 nostalgia anyone? I can't believe he's like 19 now.
  • Rihanna performs her new single, Rockstar 101. Interesting. I thought she'll perform Te Amo? Ok. Rihanna, Lady Gaga you are not! Catwoman? Maybe. That said, the song is obnoxious. 
  • American Idol just went to the bullsh!t zone.

    Crystal Bowersox
    Siobhan Magnus
    Katie Stevens
    Lee Dewyze
    Casey James
    Tim Urban

    BOTTOM 3:
    Mike Lynche SAVED
    Aaron Kelly safe
    Andrew Garcia safe


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