Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 11 Results Show

Paige Miles. “The one with more potential than Katelyn Epperly”. Last night, she said that she struggled with song choices. Well, wake up Paige! You have a wide open theme this week? If you can’t find a song, you have no idea who you are as an artist. Sure, she can sing but she has been struggling in this competition. Go figure!

Another week of American Idol is over and another finalist was sent packing! Was it the right one? Ummm. YES! Tonight there were no shockers and the ten people who will go on tour this summer can breathe a sigh of relief. They will each make a ton of cash. So, good for them!

So, here are some observations and comments about the results show:
  • EPIC BEGINNING MONTAGE!! Mortal Combat anyone?
  • Who else thought that the introduction with the epic rock music was dramatically interrupted when Miley Cyrus started giving advice?
  • OMG Randy is so annoying. Stop screaming!
  • The cheesy group performance is back! Heh. Do none of these kids have any rhythm except Big Mike? They look like a bunch of white kids out there.
  • Are we sure that group song was taped? It sounded bad enough to be live.
  • Maybe the song is prophetic! “Wake me up before you Go Go, ’cause I’m not planning on going solo” = multiple elimination! A boy can dream, can’t he?
  • I am so, so tired of these contestants “having fun” because we’re NOT.
  • So over Big Mike’s new child. It’s not like he is the first person to ever have a baby and have to work.
  • The suspense is killing me zzzzzzzzzzzz. 
  • So, Seacrest left Casey and Lee standing after he cue for a commercial? Well, that was stupid.
  • The girl who partied in the USA should be in the bottom 3! Haha. Oh and see Idol kids, you dont have to sing good at all to make it big and sell millions.
  • When does this show start to get better? Anybody know? 2011? Or Never? we are doomed to mediocrity this season.
  • So lets see if the judges are going to insult our intelligence by pretending to decide whether to use the “Save” or not.
  • Crystal’s response – classic and honest. She is the only one up there who really appears to know herself, how to speak coherent sentences, and is not afraid to be very real, without being disrespectful.
  • Demi and Joe are worse than Miley! She actually pwned the other guest performers! How is that f*cking possible?
  • We can all agre now that Tim Urban is better than Joe Jonas.

Siobhan Magnus 
Lee Dewyze
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Didi Benami
Michael Lynche
Crystal Bowersox
Andrew Garcia

Tim Urban safe
Paige Miles
Katie Stevens safe


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