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AMERICAN IDOL COUNTDOWN: 20 Best 'Idol' Music Video

American Idol as a TV show is about as successful as one can get, but people might not realize how big the empire is! If one considers its musical track record, it is pretty impressive. Since the show started, there have been more than 200 songs by Idol alums to hit the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. David Cook even had 11 songs in one week after his coronation.

Now, these hit singles are mostly accompanied by music videos that - to some extent - contribute to its success. I took into account chart toppers and threw in a couple of personal favorites to bring you my list of the Best American Idol Music Videos.

My methods aren't scientific, but I do take things like over-cuteness and gorgeousness into account. Ha!

Here's my list of the 20 Best American Idol Music Videos!

20  Feels Like Tonight - Chris Daughtry
Obviously, all of his music videos are the usual generic band production. This video, however, is quite refreshing. His band is still there playing the instruments but the overall concept is intact with the song.

19 A Little Too Not Over You - David Archuleta
Adorable video! I like the idea of the video and the collage of pictures is too cute to ignore. I'm also quite surprised about how intense he looks on the video.

18 Radio Radio - Brooke White
This music video is just perfect for the breezy, country-tinged single. I think she looks exquisite and I like the retro-singer/songwriter look of this video. It just feels so light and happy. I like it.

17 Let's Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro 
What a fun music video! I heard this song before and the light tune combined with this feel good video made me a fan. That was really adorkable! Haha.

16 Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
Yes. The concept is simple but it is, without a doubt, visually stunning. I think the second half is very powerful. It is kind of cool to see how much her confidence and performance skills have grown since then. And she looks amazingly beautiful in this video.

15 Come Back To Me - David Cook
By any means, this concept isn't original but it's not just a random cool backwards sh*t for the sake of cool backwards sh*t. It actually makes sense artistically and conceptually. And the difficulty level of making this video requires due props.

14 For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
This video looks edgy with a smile. Haha. I'm a bit baffled with this guy as I'm not generally a fan of his but this video has that perfect mix of sex and playfulness. See, now THAT is what he should've done on the AMAs.

13 Hood Boy - Fantasia Barrino
She goes full-diva in this video. I love it! Really. This video is awesome. The song. The voice. The lighting. The set pieces. Everything looks so dope.

12 Friday I'll Be Over U - Allison Iraheta
Colorful. Fun. '80s homage. This video pretty much indicates exactly to whom she is going to be marketed and I think it is very very appropriate. She will be a breath of fresh air for the tween/teen set and will be more real than the Disney girls they are used to.

11 Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Bad A*s Country Girl! This video made me appreciate her as an artist. I never really liked Carrie but the video and the song somehow made me consider her as someone relevant. I like the attitude and she didn't seem too manic and robotic in it.

10 Bury Me Alive - Carly Smithson (We Are The Fallen)
Carly is easily the hardest-rocking ex-Idol out there right now. Who would have imagined that while she was competing on Idol? This music video is creepy cool - it’s like a great Gothic drama. Who hasn’t had a nightmare about being buried alive or been in a smothering relationship you desperately needed to get out of?

09 No Air - Jordin Sparks
It's the duet that propelled Jordin to stardom. She collaborated here with Chris Brown in an effort to gain some publicity for both of them, which eventually became their biggest selling single to date. I think the chemistry is palpable and the emotion is just achingly good. I seriously can't get enough of this music video.  

08 Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
Now, this is the Adam that I love. He is appropriately angsty, the cinematography is beautiful and the styling is awesome. He is SO much prettier without all that make-up on his face. Really nice.

07 SOS [Let The Music Play] - Jordin Sparks
If only Jordin could really dance well, I think she can give Beyonce a run for her money. Seriously. She proves here that she can be a music bombshell - for lack of a better term. She looks FIERCE in this video - channeling her own Sasha in that gold dress. Sexy.

06 Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson in mud? Interesting. Though the story seems to come out at the later part of the video, the whole idea is pretty strong. The concept resonates her as an artist with an edge. It is less formulaic and darker than her other videos even though it has the same relationship-y theme.

05 Love Story - Katharine McPhee
She does her best Beyonce impression and looks super hot in this video. She has the diva strut down to an art as she stomps around in a sparkly and sexy yellow dress. The dance moves also look quite sharp. Fun. Funky. Infectious.

04 Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood
I dare you to get through this video without shedding a tear or two. Enough said.
03 Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
It has a cool, futuristic look and much of the imagery is interesting. I think the visuals are stark and beautiful, but not so obtrusive that they distract from the lyrics. I am also glad that they showed him on the piano. Very very nice video.

02 Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson
I don't know why but I usually gravitate on emotional music videos and this one is no different. This, to me, is such a powerful video with an authentic raw emotion from Kelly Clarkson. The premise is simple but it is just heartbreaking and it gets to me every single time.

01 Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood
Goosebumps!!! Never fails to give me chills! Very emotional video. I think this song reminds us what we need to be thankful for. This is one of the saddest song and video I've ever seen and heard. This video convinced me that Underwood is not only a great singer but she interprets songs that make you stop breathing. This video proves that.


Carlos Jude Laron said...

JUST A DREAM is the best tlga! the shift from her white wedding gown to the black was amaze-ing. i havent seen temporary home yet though....good list bro!

damthenation said...

Thanks. I'm glad you were able to appreciate the list. Try to watch Temporary Home. It's really nice. :)

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