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American Idol Fun History Facts

Here are some REALLY interesting fun facts about American Idol..
  • Whoever is the first member of the Top 12’s Bottom 3 to be sent back to safety has typically been eliminated on Top 10 night: Julia DeMato (Season 2), Amy Adams (Season 3), Jessica Sierra (Season 4), and Lisa Tucker (Season 5). Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6), Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7) and now Tim Urban (Season 9) survived Top 10 week but were all eliminated on Top 7 week of their respective seasons. In Season 8, there was a Top 13 instead of Top 12. However, Michael Sarver who was the first member to be sent back to safety on Top 11 results night was eliminated on Top 10 night. NEW!
  • Typically, the person eliminated on Top 9 week as never been in the Bottom 3 before. Megan Joy (Season 8), Ramiele Malubay (Season 7), Gina Glocksen (Season 6) and Mandisa (Season 5). Nikko Smith (Season 5) got eliminated during the semis, but he didn’t hit the Bottom 3 again until Top 9 in Season 4 - he was called up to the finals when Mario Vasquez quit. And then it kind of falls apart because Camille Velasco (Season 3) had been in the Bottom 3 and Corey Clark (Season 2) was disqualified and Season 1 only had nine contestants. Michael Lynche (Season 9) has never hit the Bottom 3 and almost got eliminated if not for the judges save. NEW!
  • Both Colbie Callait and Amber Riley (Mercedes of Glee) were American Idol rejects. They were even unable to sing in front of the judges.
  • In seasons where the semifinals are divided into random groups (Season 1, 2, 3 and 8) rather than gender, the Final 2 are ALWAYS on the same group: Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini (Season 1 both in Group 2), Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken (Season 2 both in Group 2), Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo (Season 3 both in Group 1), and Kris Allen and Adam Lambert (Season 8 both in Group 2)
  • Save for Lilly Scott, not a single contestant who has performed last during a single elimination round has EVER been eliminated that same week prior to the Top4.
  • In the finals, only three contestants in Idol history have been eliminated after performing last that same week (the Finale week does not count because no one is being eliminated). Anthony Federov (Season 4 Top 4), Melinda Doolittle (Season 6 Top 3) and Anoop Desai (Season 8 Top 7 redux). However, Anoop was eliminated on a double elimination week, and it was not specified if he got the lowest number of votes – only that he was one of two contestants receiving the lowest votes that week. It’s since been assumed that he received the 2nd lowest number of votes that week, because his placement on the Idol’s summer tour has been treated as “sixth place” instead of being tied for seventh with Lil Rounds.
  • Whoever has performed SECOND during the Top 5 show has typically been eliminated that same week: R.J. Helton (Season 1), Trenyce (Season 2), George Huff (Season 3), Scott Savol (Season 4), and Paris Bennett (Season 5). In Season 6, there was no Top 5 show because they had a double elimination on its Top 6 week (Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey). David Cook (Season 7) and Allison Iraheta (Season 8) had this position during their respective seasons, but they survived.
  • Whoever has performed FIRST during the Top 3 show has typically been eliminated that same week: Nikki McKibbin (Season 1), Kimberly Locke (Season 2), Jasmine Trias (Season 3), Vonzell Solomon (Season 4), Elliott Yamin (Season 5), and Danny Gokey (Season 8). Jordin Sparks (Season 6) and David Archuleta (Season 7) had this position during their seasons, but they survived.
  • Aside from Jim Verraros (Season 1), no person has ever performed 7th on a Finals show and been eliminated. This doesn’t include shows where each contestant sang twice.
  • Nikki McKibbin (Season 1) and Syesha Mercado (Season 7) both currently hold the record for most appearances in the Bottom 3 prior to the week of their elimination with 5 each. Syesha was also placed next to an eliminated contestant two additional times, but she was not specified as being in the Bottom 2 or 3 on those particular weeks.
  • Excluding the ’special’ shows, Clay Aiken holds the record for ending the most performance shows with 5. Coming in second is Ruben Studdard and Diana DeGarmo, who each ended 4 performance shows.
  • Season 8 of American Idol is the only season to date where three contestants made the Top 5 without EVER previously appearing in the Bottom 3: Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey.
  • Season 7 of American Idol is the only season in which neither of the Top 2 were in the Bottom 3 or 2 prior to the finale: David Cook and David Archuleta.
  • Not a single contestant who Paula Abdul picked a song during the Top 3 week has EVER won the competition: Clay Aiken (Season 2), Jasmine Trias (Season 3), Bo Bice (Season 4), Elliott Yamin (Season 5), Blake Lewis (Season 6), David Archuleta (Season 7) and Danny Gokey (Season 8). In Season 1, the judges collectively picked songs for the Top 3.
  • Except for Season 7, most of the shocking eliminations have occurred during the Top 4 Results night on an odd-numbered Idol season: Tamyra Gray (Season 1), LaToya London (Season 3), and Chris Daughtry (Season 5).
  • The only season where an African-American contestant didn’t make the Top 5 was Season 8, with Lil Rounds finishing 7th.
  • Whoever performs last in the Finale typically wins the American Idol title: Kelly Clarkson (Season 1), Fantasia Barrino (Season 3), Carrie Underwood (Season 4), Taylor Hicks (Season 5), Jordin Sparks (Season 6), and Kris Allen (Season 8). David Cook (Season 5) and Ruben Studdard (Season 2) won their respective seasons even if they performed first on that all-male Finale night.
  • The song, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, had some bad history on the show as 4 finalists who performed this went on to be just runners-up, one finished third and the other one was eliminated first on Top 13 night: Justin Guarini (Season 1), Clay Aiken (Season 2), Jasmine Trias (Season 3), Bo Bice (Season 4), David Archuleta (Season 7), and Jorge Nunez (Season 8).
  • The song, Feeling Good, also had a fair share of bad history on the show as 3 out of 4 people who performed the song got eliminated or landed on the Bottom 3 that same week: AJ Tabaldo (Season 6), Leslie Hunt (Season 6) and Adam Lambert (Season 8). Katie Stevens (Season 9) survived the “curse” of the song.
  • The Top 5 most overplayed song on American Idol History are [1] Against All Odds with 7: Corey Clark (Season 2), George Huff (Season 3), Jessica Sierra (Season 4), Scott Savol (Season 4), Katharine McPhee (Season 5), Ramiele Malubay (Season 7), and Paige Miles (Season 9). [2] Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me with 6: Justin Guarini (Season 1), Clay Aiken (Season 2), Jasmine Trias (Season 3), Bo Bice (Season 4), David Archuleta (Season 7), and Jorge Nunez (Season 8). [3] I Don't Want To Miss A Thing with 6: Josh Gracin (Season 2), Lindsey Cardinale (Season 4), Antonella Barba (Season 6), David Cook (Season 7), Allison Iraheta (Season 8), and Aaron Kelly (Season 9). [4] I Have Nothing with 5: Trenyce (Season 2), Leah LaBelle (Season 3), Jennifer Hudson (Season 3), Vonzell Solomon (Season 4), and Katharine McPhee (Season 5). [5] I Don't Want To Be with 5: Bo Bice (Season 4), Elliott Yamin (Season 5), Chris Richardson (Season 6), Michael Sarver (Season 8), and Casey James (Season 9).
  • Kris Allen won American Idol with, by far, the lowest performance order average of any of the previous winners going into the Finale.
  • So far, the WINNER of American Idol has NEVER been in the Bottom 3 during any of the first five weeks of the finals. Watch out!


Glecer said...

"Both Colbie Callait and Amber Riley (Mercedes of Glee) were American Idol rejects. They were even unable to sing in front of the judges."
-This fact caught my attention. Look at these artists right now, very successful. Kudos to them! :)


Glecer: I know right. Who knew?

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