Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 7 Results Show / Idol Gives Back

Tim Urban. My hat is off to you, kind sir. You truly came from behind and had a fantastic run on this show! You were seen by many as an eye-candy that nobody really took all that seriously, but then you fought your way up to the Top 7 and somehow made me a discreet fan! Were your performances stellar? Umm not really, but there were some gems over the past couple of weeks. Also, wasn’t there just something hilarious about Tim Urban? I could never really place my finger on it. Maybe it was the hidden evil genius that seemed to always know how to sneak past the guards and move on to yet another week of contention or maybe it was his “so what?” reaction to every single one of the judges attacks. Either way, I’m legitimately going to miss seeing the young Urban next week. If Tim had simply stuck with the catchy melodies and easy vocal arrangements he could have made it to fifth, maybe even fourth, place. Now? He’ll just have to settle with being middle of the pack and something tells me that Tim is quite fine with that.

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Ryan Seacrest will host at the Idol studios, while Queen Latifah presides at the Pasadena Civic Center.

President Obama and Michelle Obama open the show. They urge people to GIVE to Idol Gives Back.  Obama to all the contestants:  “As Randy would say, you’re All my dawgs”  And the first lady has a message for the mean judge: “Simon be nice.”

Judges are looking extra nice tonight! Is it the finale? Haha.

Top 12 perform together, Keeping the Dream Alive. They’re all dressed in white. Wow. This is so bland.

Jennifer Garner visits Kentucky for Save The Children, in support of reading programs. Victoria Beckham brought some kids with her who are taking part in the program. It's funny that Posh is talking about kids not eating enough when she looks anorexic herself. Haha.

I just wonder though if American Idol would just donate all the money they make off of ads for a two hour show, they wouldn't need to have Idol Gives Back. LOL. Ok. I'll stop already.

Black Eyed Peas performs Rock Your Body. OMG! This is the FIRST song that comes to mind when I hear "charity". Haha. For some weird reason, I didn't like their performance. They all just seemed off and I like BEP.

George Lopez is funny! Rip the judges apart! Haha. I'm so glad someone finally said that to Randy. Ouch! And no, he didn't go there with Kara! Haha.

Ford Video: Technical issues!

Jeff Beck and Josh Stone sing I Put A Spell On You. Wow. She sure can sing! Really nice.

A montage of peeps talk about the things their mother gave them: Justin Beiber, Jane Lynch and others. An African baby lost her mother in childbirth. Give what you can!

Alicia Keys sings Unthinkable and Empire State of Mind Part 2. I love her. Now, this is who Michelle Delamor and Ashley Rodriguez hoped they could be.

Holy sh*t! Tatiana Del Toro and Octomom in one holding room with Slash, Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and Jim Carrey! Haha. Too funny. 

Carrie Underwood sings Change. Not a fan of the song but, at least, she's not pitchy. It's so funny though how the Idol alums are showing up the other performers.

Ok. So Bill Gates is on the show. He has like 200 billion dollars. So, he will probably never spend that if he lived for another 900 years. I think he should donate like 5 billion dollars! Haha. Give me some though.

Wanda Sykes is hilarious! Haha. I love how Wanda's been doing this same Idol routine for year.

DAVID COOK!! Enough said. 

FINALLY a real inspirational story. So happy for Annie Lennox. I would have been an emotional wreck if I were her. I like her performance. She sounds like the only one that isn't forcing out the performance. Beautiful.

Whoa! An all-star performance right there. Stairway To Heaven. Never liked Mary J. Blige but she's really good. Although I should say, is she trying be the Alien Princess Rihanna with that outfit? Haha.

Oops! OVERTIME! Haha. FAIL. 

Simon announces that they have raised over 15 million dollars since the program has been on the air. Wow. That's a lot.

Ohh! Sir Elton John!! For some weird reason, I want another Your Song/Speechless medley. That was the highlight of the Grammy's this year. Lady Gaga, where are you? Haha.

Shania Twain as mentor next week!

Wow. So, Tim gets his goodbye package, but he did not get to sing. Sucks for him. What a strange night.

Casey James safe
Aaron Kelly safe
Tim Urban

Crystal Bowersox
Lee Dewyze
Siobhan Magnus
Michael Lynche


myk said...

haha knew it. knew he wouldnt make top6... =[

damthenation said...

true. but he had a good run on the show.

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