Monday, April 26, 2010

Music: The Truth (ft. Pat Monahan) - Kris Allen

It's final! This is Kris Allen's next single following his hit debut single, Live Like We're Dying.

Fans, including me, aren’t really happy with this latest development. The general consensus seems to be that the original version of  The Truth stands just fine on it’s own. But choosing to re-mix it with Monahan on vocals - he sings the bridge and some harmonies - is probably Jive hedging their bets. Train’s song, Hey Soul Sister is really popular right now, so Jive must believe Monahan’s star power will help the song chart.

But it’s not like Kris needed any help with his first single, Live Like We’re Dying, which has sold over 1M copies, and was at Top 10 Top 40 hit.

I was really hoping for Alright With Me as his next single. It’s catchy, upbeat and seems a good fit for pop radio. Plus, it’s been used on the Ford commercials that have run during Idol and some other programming. People are already familiar with it.



Leyton Rhys said...

Kris Allen is awesome as breakfast burritos. And like them burritos, I'll download any track by him any chance I get.

But I heard this streaming on his site. And I'm gonna pass.

damthenation said...

You know what? I actually like the song. I think it's one of the stronger tracks in his album but Pat Monahan ruined it for me.

This is the kind of song that sounds better after subsequent listen. :)

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