Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Idol 9: Andrew Garcia Visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Andrew Garcia drops by Ellen's show and performed Sunday Morning after a show interview.

Now, why couldn’t he sing like that during the competition? It’s funny that the contestants are more personable and sound better when they are OFF the show. Maybe, Andrew was not ready for all these old school themes. I mean, he didn’t have one good performance doing old songs.Oh well. Enjoy!

Video after the jump!!


NaiOlrac said...

lol.. sorry about the my deleted posts..
typos and grammar.. -__-

anyway.. yeah.. andrew and old songs just don't match... i've been a fan of andrew evern before idol.. i love watching and listening to him on youtube....

anyway... glad i found your blog again.. been wondering why my bookmark of your site brings me to a dead page.. LOL...

damthenation said...

it's ok. i deleted them already for you! :)

yeah. andrew is too current for the show, if that's even possible. maybe he doesn't have enough grasp of "music" in general.

and i'm glad you were able to find my blog. sorry for the screw up. :)

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