Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 9 Redux

Tonight, the Top 9 tackled songs of Elvis Presley and Adam Lambert - I don't know why - mentored the contestants and somehow brought his Idol experience with him.

Adam Lambert's little montage was interesting as it said NOTHING about him as a successful recording artist. Haha. I mean, usually when there's a mentor or performer on the show, they boast about their record sales - like Kelly Clarkson and her Grammy wins and over 20 million record sales or David Cook receiving his RIAA platinum album certification or even Miley Cyrus and her 15 million album sales.

It was funny watching the intro for Adam though as all they can say about him was that he is a great performer. EPIC FAIL.

That said, Adam did a serviceable job as a mentor this week. Some of his advice worked and for the others - like Andrew - it didn't. To some extent, I thought he was telling some of them how to do it more like him, which isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone.

And what the hell is wrong with Ryan Seacrest? Stumbling over his words, not making sense and he's particularly snarky and stranger than usual. He has to be on something and this isn't the first night he's been acting crazy. Drunk much? Well, he seems to have picked up where Paula left off. Haha.

Seriously. His antics were ridiculous to watch, but hey look at this, fantastic to write about. My tongue is not nearly as talented as yours… Haha. See, I don’t even have to touch that one - that’s what Ryan said! - and it makes all of this too easy.

Here we go!

09. Andrew Garcia
Hound Dog
Ok. I think I'm ready for him to leave. This week, Andrew was boring as hell with this Elvis classic. Sure, I somehow liked that he slowed down the tempo but his delivery needed to be a lot bluesier and ballsier. His vocals, though good, was very flat and dull. He was just.. not improving! Technically, it was one of Andrew's better vocals but I now think that he just isn't that good of a singer. He also shouldn't go big with his performances because he isn't a stage performer. I mean, do it low key with lots of details! That worked for him when he covered Chris Brown's Forever.  

08. Aaron Kelly
Blue Suede Shoes
For the record, I've never taken any interest in Aaron whatsoever before tonight. I thought his performance was a huge improvement from last week. His voice was a bit shaky from the walking around but it went well afterwards. To be honest, I don't really know why the judges panned his performance. Yes. It was no way near amazing but I appreciated the risk and him going upbeat and doing something different. Oh well.

07. Casey James
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Yup. He's back to that monochromatic performance again – good vocals, but his choice of song and stage presence did nothing for me. Plus, I got that very annoying bleat in his vibrato. Casey had the opportunity to move up after his rousing performance last week. Sadly, he picked a forgettable song that made me a little confused - I mean, if I'll root for him already or not.

06. Michael Lynche
In The Ghetto
I can't stand Big Mike! Ha. There. I said it. Something about him just makes me feel very uncomfortable - and no, I'm not talking about his built. Haha. That said, I thought Big Mike delivered a brilliant vocal tonight - soulful yet intimate. I'm not so sure if I liked the folk arrangement of the song instead of the usual gospel vibe but he needed to scale it back to win over some casual voters this week. I still prefer Taylor Hick's version of this song though... and I don't like Taylor Hicks. Haha. Go figure!

05. Crystal Bowersox
Bejeweled Electric Guitar FTW! Haha. Crystal was on point, as usual! The song choice was just right in her wheelhouse and I thought that she was able to inject so much personality into the song. It was a bit fast paced for me though and I can't make out any of her words - except for that last part. And for some weird reason, I found the performance to have too much background music and not enough focus on the vocals. And although this wasn't my favorite Crystal performance, this was still pretty solid. An avarage Crystal performance but average to her is already something Andrew could aspire. Haha.

04. Siobhan Magnus
Suspicious Minds
Trivia: Two people who performed Suspicious Minds have been eliminated on that same week - Chris Daughtry and Colton Berry. Oh no. Will the trend continue? I hope not. Personally, this was a top-notch performance and while the beginning was uneven it didn’t have anything to do with technique.I simply thought that the second half of the song felt a little bit squeezed into the arrangement that the song didn’t flow as well as it should have. Siobhan's performance was absolutely pitch-perfect and Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi just threw her under the bus. I mean, to tell her that she was erratic and had two different voices was borderline crazy. Hey, Kara! To tell a singer that she was being erratic because she switched vocal registers is akin to me telling a boxer he is uneven because he chooses to aim both high and low! Geez.

03. Katie Stevens
Baby What You Want Me To Do
There goes Katie’s neck-swiveling again! Haha. Truth be told, Katie has gone from being one of my least favorite to enter the Finals to.. gasp ..  a personal Top 3 favorite over the past few weeks. She's clearly the most improved of the season. Who would've thought? Sure, her vocal this week was a little bit pitchy here and there, but it was full, throaty - in a good way - and rich. And was it just me or was Katie seriously channeling Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood in this performance? I thought Simon was nuts for telling her week after week to go country but I now totally see her as a an artist of that genre with this performance. Interesting. And yes Ellen, that was a very horn-y song! Haha.

02. Tim Urban 
Can't Help Falling In Love
There is a part of me that feels like I am being tricked. Am I in bizarro land today or is Tim Urban becoming a different contestant? Sigh. It looks like last week's performance may not have been a fluke after all. Ha. Never expected to say this, but he actually did an excellent job! His phrasing was crap and the beginning was rough, but I thought that he showed some vulnerability on his vocals and that, to me, was a big step forward. He has definitely found his niche. Great song choice and thank God he didn't take Adam’s falsetto advice. Now there’s no need to Apologize. Haha. Oh and I propose that “from zero to hero” should be banned from the Idol lexicon. Right Simon?

01. Lee Dewyze
A Little Less Conversation
Lee was a stand out vocally for me. His vocals were growly and good and I didn't really notice any pitch problems. The song arrangement didn't really go anywhere but it was entertaining. He started off with his upper range playing his acoustic guitar. And when the band kicked after a few bars, he delivered his best performance this side of Treat Her Like A Lady. He was way more animated this week, which reminded me of some of Kris Allen’s more bouncy acoustic numbers last year. That said, I think he needs to loosen up more. You can do it Lee!! I Believe.


Leyton Rhys said...

NUMBER TWO?!??!!??!

YEAH!!!! You rock man.

Hah. In all seriousness, I'd rank him in the top third of the performances tonight. Lee was definitely better than Tim, but I thought Big Mike did really good, too. (I'm NOT a Michael Lynche fan at all, but for some reason, I really enjoyed the song he chose)

myk said...

I know why you can't stand big mike... Could it be that it has something to do with your middle name...? nyahahaha =p

And cmon now, didn't I tell you TU has something in him fairly early on? I still don't think he'll crack the top... damn I forgot what I said earlier. Get your blog back asap! hehehe

I really feel Siobhan is losing her edge. I still like her and she definitely has the voice. But she needs a bit more personality. She could have totally done a Fergie walk up on the stage.. And she's enunciating too much! Sometimes it gets too distracting and ruins the flow of the melody!

I did think Adam did a good job. And I can also see that he really connected well with the idols and his advice does make sense for the most part. Me thinks he might be replacing Mr Cowell. Although, he's already come out, and I think that mysterious sexuality thing is a requirement for Simon's seat.. After all, for much of the series, people(and idol hopefuls) couldn't quite be sure which way he swings. Adam, sadly, has already taken that mystery out of play.

damthenation said...

Leyton: Yup! Tim Urban at #2. Crazy no? Well, I'm not really a big fan of Big Mike's singing. His performance tonight was sleepy. Good but I didn't care about it that much. Haha.

damthenation said...

Mike: Regarding Big Mike, I just think he comes across, at least to me, as very arrogant - especially last week. He looked really mad when he was part of the Bottom 2 with Andrew. Haha.

ON Tim Urban, Yes. You're one of the very very few who though Tim has a shot in this thing. Impressive actually. I'm way off this year! I rooted for Alex Lambert (eliminated) and Didi Benami (eliminated). Now, I want Siobhan to win but she's being a little too uneven with her performance.

Oh and I changed my mind on Siobhan. After watching it back, I thought she sounded great tonight and the judges threw her under the bus!

As for Adam Lambert? No comment. I don't like him. Although with his appearance today makes me happy because I was able to open a bag full of old Adam Lambert jokes and squeal in delight. Haha.

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